The Event – HOLLYWOOD, March 29th – April 14th

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I finished setting up my shop at The Event – Hollywood and couldn’t resist making an early grab for some of the great gifts from the 80 designers there. Before I knew it, i was surrounded by the cops, who were ok with me taking the gifts, but told me I wasn’t supposed to be running around in my underwear, even if it was the new MESH Boxer Briefs from Black Label Menswear. I was all like, yeah, whatever.

blog - the event

Anyway, the boxer briefs are only available at the Event for now, along with several other new releases and special Hollywood Event pricing on some of my other stuff. Hope to see you there, ciao.

I think the picture says it all…

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Sad to See

BLM – Men’s StreetPro Sneakers

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Our new men’s StreetPro sneakers are now available on the SL Marketplace. Featuring legendary detail and attention-grabbing style, these fine shoes are available in 8 different color combinations, and are a steal at only $L150 per pair. Grab some to day and step out in style!

BLM StreetPro Sneakers - Charcoal & Black
BLM StreetPro Sneakers - White & Navy Blue
BLM StreetPro Sneakers - Charcoal & Black - details
Available color combos are: Charcoal/Black, Charcoal/Silver, Charcoal/Crimson, Charcoal/Navy, White/Crimson, White/Navy, White/Emerald, White/Plum. Check them out on the Marketplace at…

Black Label Menswear – Men’s Silk Shirts

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Our new mens silk shirts are available in 16 colors, and each comes with 3 sleeve options. You can wear these as long sleeve, pushed up sleeves, or as rolled up sleeves. The also feature our PerfectFit collars which are curved to perfectly fit your avi. Available on the marketplace at:

Black Label - Men's Silk Shirts

Sneak Peek – BLM’s MENstuff Designer Spotlight Gift

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Stop by the MENstuff lounge and pick up this new stuff.. free! Black Label Menswear is a featured designer for April, and we are giving away our new black leather jacket, a tanktop, biker shades, and necklaces as pictured here. This set is exclusive to the MENstuff lounge and available for a limited time, so don’t delay, stop by today!

MENstuff Lounge

Black Label Urban King Sneakers

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New From Black Label Menswear – Urban King Sneakers

These great new sneakers feature bold and color combinations that are sure to get you noticed wherever you go. They feature superb styling and aggressive soles, and look great from every angle. They are super detailed, with 96 prims per shoe! Their single script resizers are very low lag, and an easy one click script delete option is also included.

Available colors include; black/gold, black/silver, black/blue, white/red, white/blue, white/green, white/purple, and white/silver. Stop by today and pick up a pair of these fantastic new men’s sneakers from Black Label Menswear.

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Black Label Footwear – Men’s Biker / Engineer Boots

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These new men’s biker boots feature classic styling and many original sculpts. Although a recent release, they have already become one of our top selling products. Like all of our footwear, these are built to fit, and require no alpha layers or invisiprims. The proportions are accurate, and their distinctive styling is authentic right down to the square-ish toe. You can wear just the bottom parts to get that “pants over the boot” look, or add the uppers, adjust your pants length, and show off the details with the “pants tucked in” look. Either way, these boots are sure to attract attention.

Stop by the shop today and grab a pair of these great new boots!

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